For the application for the PMP exam, does my experience count?

There are multiple answers for this. Let’s go from a general standpoint to a specific.

A project is a unique set of work (it requires its own plan), which is bounded by time (specific start and end). If you led and directed the work, you can count this as managing a project.

You don’t need to have had the title Project Manager, you don’t have to be the assigned manager. You will need a reference who agrees with you that you did indeed lead and direct tasks within the project.

Our work in business is broken up into projects and operations. Operations are repeated, day-to-day work that provide a function or service to the company. Projects provide controlled change. As employees we tend to do both.

Let’s look at an IT engineer. They provide regular maintenance, which repeats and doesn’t require a specific plan (operations) and work that is unique and time bound and provides a product service or result, like installing a new file server (project).

No matter what role you have in a company, you probably performed both project and operations work. The work you performed leading and directing is what the application for the exam requires.