Exam Content Outline

The Exam Content Outline (ECO) not only provides the tasks a Project Manager performs, but also adds content, context and structure to the exam.The tasks in the Exam Content Outline are found in exam questions quite often. The tasks performed frame the process groups, which are a major component to the exam. The introduction to the ECO also describes how questions are created and why they need to behave they do, and what’s more important, the introduction provides a ratio of questions per process group one can expect for one’s exam.The new ECO came out in June of 2019, and was expected to impact the exam in December. Within a week, PMI was convinced that this needed to be pushed out to June of 2020.

The major impact is that the tasks are no longer broken down by process group but are now broken out by Talent Triangle component – leadership, business and Technical Project Management. - leading people, understanding how business functions, and the Project management Framework components and application.

The ratio of questions on the exam starting June 2020 are:

People (Leadership)-42%

Process (Technical Project Management-50%

Business Environment-8%