A letter from the Author

Why is Tim doing so many webinars?

In order to answer this, let’s step back a few years. I’m out of work as a project manager, and need to stay busy, so I listen to one of my mentors (Drucker) and turn my ‘get a job’ project into a corporate (Tim, Incorporated) initiative. Using Drucker’s ‘Managing Oneself’ playbook, I structured a plan that would eventually take me to where I am now. This taught me a lot about myself, business, and leadership, and converting strategy into tactical action in a controlled manner.

I didn’t exactly get a job exactly, but I did get a mission. I’m tasked with getting people prepared for a grueling exam that tests the ability to solve business problems in stressful situations, and then remind them of the social and personal obligations they have to themselves, society and their peers. Through many of the PMP and Project Management classes I taught I discovered a few concepts, and was reminded of others:

  • Project Management is still the “Accidental Profession” (oops – I just stepped into Project Management by accident). This resonates so loudly with all my students.
  • A very informal survey that I perform regularly demonstrates ~ 20% of my students have someone in their work environment they consider a role model. Greater than 50% observe that the managers around them often have no experience themselves. Most of the people I interact with have about 2-5 years of leading and directing experience, without formal training, and without someone to go to for advice.
  • The managers I talk with are, after about 30-35 hours of training, just barely beginning to understand
    • The difference between Management and Leadership
    • The influence of culture, organization and business
    • Standards and tailoring of those standards
    • How much larger is the world of management than the working world within which they operate
    • And so much more. We are talking about conceptually leaving 5 CE and entering 2000 CE across that 30-35 hours.
  • Bless us all, we stumble through this world, and make mistakes, and are constantly in fear that any mistake will remove what little luck and opportunity the fates through in front of us.

My mission is to ensure no one would be in my position of no work ever again. I reached out to everyone through my PMP classes and local outreach and lent some warm words and time. It helped some and was a welcome distraction for others.

My students all say that my classes are unique; I don’t know that to be true.

I continued to apply Drucker’s methodology, and my classes grew from a very few people here and there to constantly packed online classes and continued engagement well beyond the end of those classes. And still it’s not enough.

It’s not enough to impart knowledge. We are satisfied when we make a difference. Along the way I am making glorious mistakes and celebrating the knowledge I’m gaining. It’s no longer getting everything perfect but having the best travelling companions and making every night by the fire after dinner a time for stories, celebrating and deciding a better approach to the next day. Once you have a destination, everything else is settled.

I invite you to this great trip, no matter how you conceive it. If my words and advice help you, great! If not, tell me! I’m finding new fellow travelers (Thank you Ijona Academy) with identical mindsets, and if you have that attitude, please reach out. As time permits, I have your back and am always up for a story and a cup of coffee.